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  Visible active Danger as a result of the degradation of the environment
  Danger is visible and low-level activity present
  Low Potential for Danger
  • The Security Map provides a visual representation of the security environment Christians face around the world. With our colour-coded system, readers can easily gauge the security context for Christians in the country. It considers multiple factors including economic, social, cultural and political.
  • In addition to the colour codes, we have also provided brief descriptions of each country which can be accessed by scrolling over that country.
  • Finally, by clicking on a particular country, you will be able to access our GCN coverage of that country.
Disclaimer: The information on the Security map is intended for the purpose of visualisation and has been developed on the ‘Interactive Map Builder’ WordPress software plugin. GCN makes no claims or guarantees regarding the accuracy of the information contained on this map particularly with regards to the position of borders between countries. Each viewer of this map is responsible for determining the suitability of its contents for his or her intended use or purpose. 

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