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Young Nigerians call for prosecution of sponsors of terror

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Young Nigerians call for prosecution of sponsors of terror

The Arewa Youth Leaders Forum predominantly young people from the Muslim northern part of Nigeria are calling on the Nigerian government to expand the mandate of the military fighting Boko Haram in the North Eastern region to include the identification, investigation, arrest and prosecution of sponsors and beneficiaries of Boko Haram insurgencies.

Adamu Adamu, the president of the group, on Wednesday, in a statement, accused some people, he did not name, of deliberately sabotaging the efforts of curbing the Boko Haram insurgency.

Adamu claimed that, the forum, in its interaction with some ‘highly placed stakeholders’ have learnt that the people behind the attempts at resur
gence by Boko Haram see themselves as protecting their economic interests. He condemned the embezzlement of funds for IDPs camps and those who thing brokering negotiations with terrorists is worth killing other people for.

“Equally condemnable are those that are exploiting terrorism to further their political interests. People must be made to realize that it is better to make themselves politically acceptable to the electorate as opposed to sponsoring killers to destabilize an entire regions and wantonly waste human life,” he said.

Adamu challenged the Nigerian government to expose “these sponsors of terrorism since they have shown that they are not likely to voluntarily have a change of heart and allow the country live in peace.” This he says the group believes will cut off financial and political backers of the Islamic terror group which will end the war in the region.