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Worn out by suffering: Alexander 251


Worn out by suffering: Alexander 251

Alexander, bishop of Cappadocia (in modern-day Turkey), was imprisoned from 204 to 211 for his faith. Upon his release he went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where the aged bishop, Narcissus, pressured him to stay and become his assistant and designated successor. Alexander, who developed a famous theological library in Jerusalem, was tortured during the persecution by Roman emperor Decius but came out alive. Tradition says that he was eventually thrown to wild beasts, but that they refused to maul him and instead licked his feet and footprints in the sand. Worn out by his sufferings, he died in jail in the Roman city of Caesarea, on the Mediterranean coast of modern-day Israel, in 251.

Lord and Master of our Lives,

Take from us the spirit

of laziness, half-heartedness,

selfish ambition and idle talk.

Give us rather the spirit

of integrity, purity of heart,

humility, faithfulness and love.

Lord and King,

help us to see our own errors,

and not to judge our neighbours;

for your mercy’s sake.

Syrian Orthodox Liturgy

Originally published in Heroes of Our Faith by Patrick Sookhdeo (Isaac Publishing)