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We will not stop until you accept Islam, claims terror group

West & Central Africa

We will not stop until you accept Islam, claims terror group

In a newly released video,  Abubakar Shekau, leader of the terrorist group Boko Haram, declared that “we are responsible for all the bombs by those teenagers in twos in Maiduguri and unless you repent and go back to true Islam, we will continue the attacks.”

Shekau, speaking in Arabic and Kanuri and later translating his speech in the largely spoken Hausa Language called out to the countries the terror group are currently active in – Mali, Niger, Cameroun and Nigeria and warned their leaders to repent and turn to ‘true Islam’.

He said to the Nigerian President, Buhari: “I’m very sure that you have learn your lessons by now. You have really learn your lessons but you can still continue if you like. Just remember that nobody has ever done bad and get a away with it.”

The terror leader added: “Buhari we are not fighting you, I am fighting the country Nigeria, not you, you too small and are not worth a fight. I fight the entire country.” He called on the president to “Repent, go back to true religion and go back to the Quran” and then the terrorist group will accept him as a brother.

The leader of the Islamic terrorist group said the Camerounian government’s claims of defeating Boko Haram is false.

“You are telling lies that you killed 60 of our men and rescued 20 children, and that you rescued 5,000 of your people, Paul Biya… is it that you can’t live off lies? Is it with this that you are going to convince your masters the West? It is unfortunate. Be careful, Paul Biya.”

He warned that Biya was “dealing with Allah and not Shekau.” Last Wednesday, Camerounian forces said they had rescued the hostages abducted by the terrorist and held in villages, in an operation along the Nigeria-Cameroon border.

Abubakar Shekau said to set the records straight, “On Thursday, was when we attacked Magumeri, and you should not lie to the public. We are responsible for all the attacks and it tis false you have not arrested anyone of us.”

“We are not after money. We have more than enough to employ many of you… Stop saying Boko Haram people are jobless because your propaganda will not help you in the presence of Allah.”

Another of the Islamic terrorists, speaking in French, described and showed identity cards, specifically it seems of murdered Camerounian Christian soldiers. The video showed ammo, guns, cell phones, goggles and blood stained uniform stripped from the soldiers.

Shekau also said his caliphate “is running smoothly,” countering Nigerian military’s claims that there are only “remnants” of Boko Haram fighters left.

So far more than 200, 000 people have been killed, according to United Nations report in 2016, and over 5 million people have been displaced in the North Eastern region of Nigeria alone.

Thousands more have been killed in neighbouring Niger, Chad, Mali and Cameroun by the Islamic terrorist group. The United nations warns of looming famine in the region while malnutrition and starvation is still killing dozens of children in Northeastern Nigeria. Most of the villages and communities destroyed by the Islamic Jihadists in southern Borno State are predominantly Christians.