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Jesus is the only cure


Jesus is the only cure

Ben KwashiFor God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  (John.3:16 )

If you believe in Jesus you will be saved in this life and in eternity.  It is Jesus who saves us from sin.  I am not afraid of what anybody will do to my life.  I am only afraid of sin and of what sin will do.  Sin is more dangerous than cancer.  Sin is to be dealt with.  The only person who can deal with sin is Jesus.  What can wash away my sin? – nothing but the blood of Jesus.  When people do not realize the danger of sin they are toying with their lives now and in eternity.  The one thing God will not accept is sin.  A forgiven sinner he will accept, but a sinner who willfully persists in sin, he will not accept.  Sin is a danger, and sin knows no race or tribe.  Let me give an example of an ordinary dust-bin.  A dustbin contains rubbish.  If you cover a dustbin with a fine cloth or perfume it, it remains the same thing.  The only thing to do is to take the contents to the incinerator and burn them.  Until the sin in our lives is thrown out, then no matter what our position, qualification, tribe or status may be, we are just wonderful sinners, wonderfully dressed, in big positions, but great sinners.  The only cure is Jesus Christ.