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Three Indonesian churches targeted in family suicide bombing

South East Asia

Three Indonesian churches targeted in family suicide bombing

Indonesian family responsible for suicide bombings. Photo credit: Twitter.

Suicide bombers from the same family targetted early-morning services at three churches in Surabaya, on the island of Java, on Sunday 13 May, killing 13 and leaving more than 40 people injured.

Two young men, aged 16 and 18, rode motorcycles into the Santa Maria Catholic Church at around 7:30 a.m. and detonated explosives. Around five minutes later, their father exploded a car bomb in the grounds of the Surabaya Centre Pentecostal Church and their mother blew up herself, along with her nine and twelve-year old daughters, at the Diponegoro Indonesian Christian Church.

Islamic State later claimed responsibility for the attacks. Java police subsequently stated that the family had recently returned to Indonesia from Syria.

The church bombings were the deadliest since Christmas Eve, 2000, when 19 people were killed and more than 100 injured in a wave of coordinated attacks on church services in Jakarta, Bekasi, Medan, Sukabumi, Mojokerto, Bandung, and on Batam Island and Lomok.

The vast archipelago of Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population, although Christians comprise at least 15%. Historically, Christians and Muslims lived together peacefully as equals, but since the 1980s, the role of Islam in public life has increased, as has violence against Christians.