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Three Christians arrested in Delhi for ‘insulting’ Hindu gods

South Asia

Three Christians arrested in Delhi for ‘insulting’ Hindu gods


Indra Bahadur Tamad, Shukra Rai and Mekh Bahadur were arrested on allegations of distributing Christian literature in Shahjahanpur city. Photo credit: Times of India.

Police in Delhi arrested three Christians last week (10 January) who were accused of “insulting” Hindu gods.

The three men, who are Nepalese citizens, are currently accused of “malicious acts intending to insult religious beliefs,” which is a crime under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code.

One local resident, who spoke to journalists, but did not want to be named said: “The three of them are innocent and were only sharing the teachings of the Bible. A group of Christians come here every year and do the same, but such an incident has never happened before. They never uttered a single word against any god or goddess.”

Although criminal proceedings have now been started against the three men, one local police intelligence officer admitted: “So far, we don’t have any credible evidence against them. Police have only found some religious text from their possession.”