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Terror Group Target And Kill 12 Kenyan Christians

East Africa

Terror Group Target And Kill 12 Kenyan Christians

kenya-attack-kills-12Al-Shabaab, the Islamic terror group in Kenya has targeted and killed 12 Christians on Monday with the aim of ‘cleansing’ Christians from the region. The attack specifically targetted and killed Christian Kenyans, in Mandera, a border town with Somalia. The group were lodged in Bishaaro Hotel on an educational tour.

Edwin Kuria, a Mandera senior administrator, said the terror group used explosives to break the security gate to the Bishaaro Hotel where they shot the Christians. The group were in the area to promote educational books in the school curriculum. The local police confirmed the attack and eye witnesses say the “there were between about 8 to10 attackers

Leaders representing the Mandera communities have accused the Kenyan Police  of corruption, due to “money-hungry elements”,  in failing to stop  attacks by Al-Shabaab on vulnerable communities.

Senator Billow Kerrow said that in order to combat the Al-Qaeda linked terror group, the government must re-strategise as the “attacks have become one too many in the last three months”.

He added that, “Mandera is in Kenya yet you find terrorists crossing the border freely and roaming the town with ease. But security agencies claim they are on top of what is happening,

Fafi MP Barry Shill accused the security forces of negligence and noted that security forces should have been deployed to the hotel when they learned it had many Christians.

The identities of the Kenyans killed have not yet been disclosed and Al Shabaab has not officially claimed responsibility for this attack.

Al-Shabaab has targeted Christians in its attacks especially in the border regions. The Islamic group killed 6 people early October with the aim of forcing them to leave the region.


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