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Syrian rebel rocket attack kills Christian refugee child

Middle East and North Africa

Syrian rebel rocket attack kills Christian refugee child

A young girl in Syria, who needed to fill containers with water, sat and cried as they were too heavy for her to carry home. Credit: Barnabas Fund

A rebel rocket attack on Damascus on 21 March killed a nine-year-old South Sudanese Christian refugee.

Garang James was on his way home from school and is thought to have stopped in the street to purchase a gift for his mother, ahead of Mothers’ Day in Syria.

The rocket attack is the second in the Syrian capital this month to claim the lives of Christian children: on 6 March, rockets fired from rebel-controlled East Ghouta hit an Armenian Christian school, leaving three children dead.

Although repeated similar attacks on government-controlled areas of Damascus are rarely reported in Western media, they are having a significant effect on the Christian community; many Christian families are now understood to have left the city to take shelter in surrounding villages.

From Barnabas Fund sources