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Sudan officials raid and torture Christian converts

Middle East and North Africa

Sudan officials raid and torture Christian converts

By Mark Knobil from Pittsburgh, usa – Camp, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24257502

Sudanese officials raided a house church in South Darfur, Sudan on 13 October, arrested 13 Christians and subjected converts from Islam to a day and night of torture.

Security agents entered a house in the city of Nyala known as a Christian meeting place on the morning of 13 October. They asked the group meeting there, “Are you Christians?” and arrested all 13 when they answered “yes”.

The agents released two believers with Christian backgrounds from the Nuba mountains, the oldest  Christian region in Sudan, but detained 11 converts from Islam and the pastor, Tajdeen Yousif.

Persecuted church agency, Barnabas Fund reported:  “They tortured them beating them a whole day and night and telling them you face death because of you changed your religion.”

Ten of the Christian converts were later released after reportedly being tortured into denying their faith. Pastor Tajdeen is still being held and was scheduled to appear in court on 28 October. At the time of writing, the outcome of his hearing, or the charges he is accused of are unknown.

Under Islamic sharia law, Muslims who convert are apostates. According to most schools of sharia, men face the death penalty unless they recant. Sudan’s constitution gives judicial discretion to courts in the application of sharia and, in principle, Christian converts from Islam could face the death penalty.

In March 2018, a church pastor in Darfur was murdered by Muslim extremists, along with his wife and two daughters, after he refused to give in to pressure to stop preaching the gospel.