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Sudan charges five Christian leaders with “noise pollution”

Middle East and North Africa

Sudan charges five Christian leaders with “noise pollution”

In a continuation of a clampdown by Sudanese authorities that has resulted in the closing of a church in Al-Thawra, Omdurman, and the arrest and release of five of its leaders on 22 October, the Sudanese government has now charged them with causing noise pollution to the community through loud church services.

The leaders were summoned to court on 26 October, and their hearing will take place on 31 October.

In a similar story, another church is awaiting a verdict on whether a  leader imposed on them by the government in 2012 is legitimate. This leader has proceeded to sell church property to businessmen connected to the government. Rafat Samir, who was apppointed Chair of the Council of the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, was accused by his precessor of trespass, criminal possession and “illegally impersonating the chair of the council. Hamad Muhammad Salah, argues that he is still Chair of the Church.

Sudan’s government has just had economic and trade sanctions from the US lifted, and these actions will potentially jeopardise their improved relations. Global Christian News has previously reported that the government blocked Bibles from entering the country for two years.