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South Sudan authorities target and persecute Christians says Bishop

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South Sudan authorities target and persecute Christians says Bishop

The Christian minority in Sudan is an ongoing target of persecution, claims Bishop Abraham Nhial, in an appeal from South Sudan. He said, “Internal violence continues to destabilize the country.” He said that many Sudaniese have fled to Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan. Many people have died of hunger, especially in Aweil and others are dying as a result of diseases such as malaria.

“On the one hand, Sudan is relatively stable, but on the other hand the Christian minority in the country is an ongoing target of persecution.

Bishop Abraham Nhial added that what is supposed to be the cheapest medication against malaria is not available. “I have been suffering from malaria and I am now under treatment. Malaria medicines we have in South Sudan are faked and cannot treat Malaria anymore.” He concluded with an appeal, “Please continue praying us, because Nothing But Prayers  to God is our hope. God will answer prayers with peace.”

sudan imprisoned pastors

Pastors in jail awaiting trial

Another Anglican Bishop from Sudan, Andudu Adam Elanil of the Diocese of Kadulgi, points to the plight of four Christians in Sudan illegally imprisoned who “ have been held in secret without access to lawyers for most of 2016.” Two of the four being held are pastors – the Rev Abdulraheem Kodia and the Rev Kuwa Shamal Abu Zumam, while another is a human rights activist, Abduelmoneim Abdulmwlla, and the fourt, Petre Jasek is an aid worker from Czech Republic. All four are accused of crimes against the state and if foud guilty could be sentenced to death.

In a confidential report to the UN Security Council, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described a tragic incident in South Sudan in which a woman in labour arrived at hospital to deliver a baby who had died. The cause of death was the fact that soldiers held the woman 15 times at various military check points for two hours on her way to the hospital.

The UN report listed 22 incidents describing South Sudan’s security forces actively making life difficult through extortion, denying passages and threatening civilians. Ban Ki Moon says these are “direct violation” of agreement with the government.




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