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Sharia law States produced Boko Haram not equity, Bishop Kukah

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Sharia law States produced Boko Haram not equity, Bishop Kukah

Report by Hassan John

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has accused predominantly Muslim states in northern Nigeria who, in 1999, “joyfully, exuberantly adopted Sharia” law of producing Boko and criminal elements rather than the “joy, happiness and equity and so forth,” the governors said the principles of Sharia, we are supposed to produce.

Kukah challenged“those who brought the Sharia should now tell us (how) Boko Haram and bandits have now taken over our country.”

Bishop Matthew Kukah and President Muhammadu Buhari – Photo Credit Daily Post Nigeria

Bishop Kukah, speaking in a lecture, in Abuja the federal capital, at a lecture at the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), charged the federal government to investigate the Muslim governors on the emergence of the Boko Haram Islamic terrorist sect. “To create a much better, just and fair society, hypocrisy has to stop,” he told the governors, citing the criminality that has dominated the predominantly Muslim Zamfara State which first defied the constitution and introduced Islamic sharia law. “Now it is virtually impossible to travel from Sokoto to Zamfara by road because of insecurity in the country. 

Kukah pointed out that despite the introduction of the sharia which, by its adherents, was supposed to promote equity, justice and a cohesive unite nation, the country is more ever divided along religious and ethnic lines than ever. The Bishop cited an example of the last general elections saying the voting along religious lines was so divisive. “We are practicing politics of very poor quality… The politics is so regionalized, factionalized,” he added.

The country is so factionalised, Kukah said, that it is now impossible for a Christian from the south to become a vice chancellor of a university in the north. The politics and educational institutions have been taken over by quack due to the religious and ethnic divide, “I don’t feel proud as a Nigerian,” he said

Featured image credit: Daily Post Nigeria


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