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Seven Ethiopian Churches torched following fake news

East Africa

Seven Ethiopian Churches torched following fake news

About seven Ethiopian Protestant Churches were torched and others completelydestroyed, on Saturday 9 February,in Halaba Kulito town in Southern Ethiopiaby Muslims following allegations trending on social media that Mosques had been destroyed in Alaba Kulit. 

Mohammed Nur, the Alaba zone communication office, confirmed that the churches were destroyed following the fake news circulated on social media claiming that Mosques were attacked in Durame area.

Destroyed Mosque in Ethiopia

Sheik Mohammed Amin, President of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, condemnedthe attack on churches and warned that the burning worshiping places will only instigate a grave religious violence in the country. The Sheik called on all religious institutions to set up security around worship places in order to stop further violence.

Sheik Mohammed also “strongly condemns” the burning of three Mosques in two separate Woredas in South Gonder Zone of the Amhara regional state. “This is a tragic incident. It’s also a grave crime. We strongly caution for those responsible to face the law,” he told local media.

Hassan John is West Africa editor GCN and Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Jos. Image Credits: Google Images/Torched Ethiopian Church/Burnt Mosque