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Refugees fleeing Boko Haram expelled by Cameroon

West & Central Africa

Refugees fleeing Boko Haram expelled by Cameroon

Report by Hassan John

Over 10,000 internally displaced people by Boko Haram radical Islamic sect, attacks in December 2018 and January 2019, in Rann town, Kala-Balge local government area of Borno State, northeastern nigeria, have been forced back to their still very volatile community on Wednesday 27 February 2019, by the Cameroonian and Nigerian governments.

 These refugees are part of the over 40,3861 Nigerianwomen, men and children, living in makeshift shelters, who fled Rann late last year, when the terrorist Jihadi group escalated its attack in Borno state on military installations killing over 200 nigerian soldiers and attacked villages. 

Reportsindicate that hundreds more doing the 8 kilometers walk by foot from Goura, Cameroon to Rann, are in dire need of food and safe water.

Stéphanie Remion, Médecins Sans Frontières Emergency Coordinator in Goura, said, “Today we are seeing people packing up their belongings and leaving for Rann after being told by Cameroonian and Nigerian authorities to leave. We are extremely concerned over what will happen to them once they go back to Rann as the security situation there is very uncertain and there is no humanitarian assistance available.

“Rann has been attacked several times in recent months and many of the patients we treated in Goura told us they fled because they were afraid. They don’t want to return. We know there were suspected cases of measles in Goura and if this spreads in Rann, where there is no medical care available, it will be a disaster,” Remion pleadedwith the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria “to protect these vulnerable people and ensure they can seek safety where they choose and where they have access to essential means such as shelter, food and medical care.”

Refugee Camp in Cameroon

Amnesty International and security sources have reportedthat Boko Haram, early Februry, attacked and killed over 60 people in Rann after it was abandoned by the military, following the barrage of attacks since late last year.

Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s President, who just won a second tern elections in office, amidst some controversy, had promised since his first election in 2015, to defeat the Boko haram insurgency and restore peace to the region. The promise has proved to be a herculean task following allegations of massive corruption in his government and complacency within security agencies.

Image credits: CC/ fleeing refugees/ refugee camp in Cameroon/


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