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Prince Charles condemns “barbaric persecution” of Christians

West Europe

Prince Charles condemns “barbaric persecution” of Christians

Prince Charles earlier this year joins cultural dancers after the consecration of the new St Thomas Cathedral, Syriac Orthodox Church

Prince Charles has condemned the “barbaric persecution” of Christians in the Middle East, describing the pain and suffering being endured by Christians because of their faith as “heartbreaking beyond words.”

Addressing the Melkite Greek Catholic Community in London the Prince of Wales highlighted the ancient history of the Christian community in the Middle East and also the profound challenge of facing animosity and injustice: “As Christians we remember, of course, how Our Lord called upon us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute. But for those confronted with such hatred and oppression, I can only begin to imagine how incredibly hard it must be to follow Christ’s example.”

He called on Christians to support brothers and sisters who are experiencing persecution, stating: “It is so vitally important, in this season of Advent and throughout the year, that Christians in this country and elsewhere, who enjoy the rights of freedom of worship and freedom of expression, do not take those rights for granted; and that we remember, and do what we can to support, our fellow Christians for whom the denial of such rights has had such profound and painful consequences.”