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The effect of mother’s and grandmother’s prayers for children can be life-changing.  Prayer can change situations and change people – including the person who prays.  You do not pray and nothing happens!  If believe and you pray something will happen. If you don’t believe it’s a different story.  There are many, many testimonies of the way in which God answers prayer.  Prayer is essentially a relationship with God.  It is not a recorded phone message!  It is a dialogue situation. Prayer is talking to God – and listening to God.  Listen to what God is telling you.  Don’t just shout at God and complain – listen to what he says back to you!  You may be part of the problem.  There is no time that you will come to God in prayer that God will not expose who you are to yourself.  Go through the Scriptures: Abraham, Moses, the prophets – God has always seized the opportunity in prayer to discuss with man intimately.

Archbishop B. A. Kwashi