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Philippians 1:1-11    Very Dear Friends


Philippians 1:1-11    Very Dear Friends

The account of Paul’s first visit to Philippi is found in Acts 16.  Despite the violent beginning described there, the Philippian church had taken root and flourished.  Paul was only able to go back there once or perhaps twice more (Acts 20:2; 2 Cor.2:13), but the Philippian church provided him with financial support and the tone of this letter is warm and affectionate, thanks to the Philippians’ record of faith and loyalty.  It is clear that Paul was in prison when he wrote this letter, though it is not certain whether this was in Rome or in Ephesus.

Paul greets the church with real warmth: he longs to see them again; he thanks God for them and prays for them with joy.  His prayer for them is that their love (for Christ and so also for one another) might grow and deepen so that their lives would be transformed and yield the “harvest of righteousness” which is possible only through the power of Jesus Christ, and which brings glory and praise not to themselves, but to God.

Paul exhibits the selflessness God expects from us. To care for other despite our challenges. To look at others with the love of Christ and to consistently ask and seek the welfare of others. We need this character and attitude to wards people in a time such as this.