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Pastor who called Christians to defend themselves faces ‘arrest’

West & Central Africa

Pastor who called Christians to defend themselves faces ‘arrest’

Nigerian security operatives invaded the premises of El-Buba Outreach Ministries International (EBOMI) in Jos, Plateau State, Central Nigeria, to arrest him for an online video in which Pastor Isah El Buba, called on Christian communities to defend their communities against Islamic Fulani cattle herdsmen.

The attempted arrest was however frustrated by Christian youths and Christian leaders who, hearing about the ongoing arrest on social media, invaded the church premises to prevent the arrest.

On the video, El Buba said: “This year is the year we must decide the fate of Nigeria. Nigeria cannot be ruled by the wickedness of a wicked leader. When the righteous reigns, the people rejoice, when the wicked is in power, the people suffer. The killing that is going on in Nigeria, it shows the irresponsibility of the President called Buhari. And Buhari returning back to that seat, we will fight it to a standstill.”

The Church leader called on Christians to ensure they register for the on coming elections in 2019. “Every Nigerian, you must get your voters card. Go and get your voter’s Card. We will not use AK 47, we will not use the weapon, ns, but we will use our weapon and this voter’s card is our weapon.”

El Buba said, when the President’s son, crashed, “on a motorbike, he went to the hospital to see his son. But “with the killing of a woman that is pregnant, innocent children, slaughtered, you president could use his Jets or chopper to go and see with his eyes.”

“I am talking to every village. Don’t carry laws into your hands. But defend yourselves. Defend yourselves! Gather yourselves. It is better die fighting than to die a coward. There is only one life! Fight the fight the faith. Defend your territory. Enough is enough. These terrorists called Fulani herdsmen, it is time to decide whether Nigeria belongs to these terrorists called the Fulani,” El Buba said.

Speaking after his attempted arrest by security operatives, El Buba said, “The DSS invaded the complex of the vicinity (Church). They wanted to have me be with them yesterday night.” He said. “On what grounds? They said they don’t know, but wanted me at the DSS headquarters. The Deputy director was here and the DSS officials were all over the compound. Both here and my house was besieged by the DSS officials.”

El Buba, said, “All I said and I will still stand by it, is that justice must be done. Nigeria must stand, Nigeria must move. A new Nigeria must be borne and every Nigerian must get his Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC). Enough is enough of the wickedness in our country by anybody or people.

EL Buba said it is the responsibility of church leaders to speak out against evil. “The rate of killing and murder is unacceptable by God and as God’s spokesperson, in my office, I have to speak for justice and insist that things must be put right and that’s all I’m demanding that Nigeria must come to this point that we know we can’t keep doing things the same way that has been pulling us backward instead of pulling us together to move forward to help the present and future generation.”

“I am not intimidated by anything because I have not done anything wrong. In fact, I have only done what is patriotic because as a patriotic Nigerian, I have advised on what should be done in order to make things right and let there be justice, fairness, equity…that’s all that Nigerians are looking for. We are praying for the leadership. God has answered our prayer and let’s stop the wickedness and the evil that is going on.”

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Plateau State, central Nigeria, said, the attempted arrest of the EBOMI President, Prophet Isah El Buba is “not unconnected to his message to Nigerians recently on voting out Buhari.”


Hassan John is West Africa Editor, GCN and Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Jos.

Image Credits: CC/Google images/El Buba in Church; Masara Kim/El-Buba