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Nine killed in rebel shelling of Syrian Christian town

Middle East and North Africa

Nine killed in rebel shelling of Syrian Christian town

Prime Minister of Thailand. Photo credit: Wikicommons

Nine civilians from the Christian-majority Syrian town of Mhardeh died on Friday, 7 September, when shells or rockets fired from a rebel-controlled region hit built up areas.

According to local sources, a further 20 people were reportedly injured in the attack on the town, which is located around 14 miles north-west of the city of Hama.

In March 2018, three children at a Christian school in Damascus were killed when rockets fired from the then rebel-held enclave of East Ghouta hit the school. Weeks of rocket attacks led many Christian families to leave Damascus to take shelter in villages outside the city.

Christian civilian areas in Syria have been deliberately targeted with rocket attacks and shelling throughout the conflict by jihadist rebel groups, although these attacks have gone largely unreported by Western media.