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Nigerian Archbishop tells Christians to “avoid being vengeful”

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Nigerian Archbishop tells Christians to “avoid being vengeful”

The leader of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, has called on Nigerians

to be optimistic about Boko Haram crisis, and the myriads of problems facing Nigeria, in his New Year message.

Archbishop Okoh said: “Nigerians will experience the mighty power of the one that created all things in spite of the multitude of problems facing Nigeria presently.”

The Primate pointing to a number of problems facing the country including energy, unemployment, political crisis, Boko Haram and attacks by Fulani Herdsmen, said that these problems should be faced with confidence.
“These problems though overwhelming, do not be frustrated or unhappy, do not take it on anyone, avoid being vengeful for the Lord is working out a miracle for you,” Okoh said.

He expressed optimism that God who created the world out of nothing “can change our situations and make Nigeria to work again.”

The Archbishop did not spell out whether the church has any political leverage in influencing Nigeria’s response to its challenges, especially the Islamist attacks. The Primate made a spiritual appeal instead.

“All Nigerians should have faith in God in 2018 to allow perfect all these good packages of good health, provision of food, protection from witches and wizards, mending of broken marriages, opening of wombs of barren women, bringing an end to recession and making businesses to boom again,” he said.

Thousand of Christians are still refugees in homes and makeshift camps in many northern parts of the country from Jos to the borders with Cameroon and Chad. Dozens of Pastors have been targeted and killed. One of the largest church denominations in the north east, Church of the Brethren, has a large number of its church destroyed and its members in refugee camps.



Hassan John is West Africa Editor, GCN and Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Jos.

Image credits: CC/ Google images/Okoh/bomb blast scene


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