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Nearly 100 anti-Christian hate crimes recorded in Germany

West Europe

Nearly 100 anti-Christian hate crimes recorded in Germany

German Leader Angela Merkel

German police recorded 97 hate crimes against Christians in 2017, fourteen of which were “violent anti-Christian crimes” among asylum seekers and refugees.

Christian asylum seekers and refugees have reported being abused and even attacked for their faith.

“Many Christian refugees repeatedly asked for separate accommodation, after there was more and more violence against them from Muslim refugees”, a Christian charity spokesperson told reporters, “But the [German] authorities and government did not react.”

European governments have shown scant regard for the particular plight of Christian refugees and asylum seekers. Last year, UK government officials attempted to block access to statistics which demonstrated that the UK government and the UN were were discriminating against Christians and other minorities in their refugee programmes, while Christian converts seeking asylum in Austria have been asked “absurdly difficult questions”  to “prove” their conversion by officials.

Anti-Christian hate crimes were specifically recorded for the first time in Germany in 2017.