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Myanmar Army destroy more than 60 churches

South East Asia

Myanmar Army destroy more than 60 churches

An injured Kachin boy. Photo credit: Barnabas Fund sources

More than 60 churches have been bombed or burned by the Myanmar army in the last 18 months, as the military has stepped up its violent operations in Kachin regions, according to reports by visiting Western church leaders.

A Sky News correspondent stated in June 2018 that the army’s brutal tactics, which include air bombardment and the torching of villages, amount to a “genocidal campaign” against the mostly-Christian Kachin ethnic group.

Tens of thousands of Kachin have been displaced since the start of 2018 and a significant number are known to have taken shelter in churches, as local authorities have refused them permission to set up camps to live in.

The evidence of the army’s destruction of churches raises the prospect that those who have fled and sought sanctuary in church buildings in currently peaceful areas may still not be safe from the military. Buddhist pagodas are understood to have been erected on at least 20 of the former church sites.

Christian aid agency Barnabas Fund is continuing to deliver aid and assistance to desperate Kachin Christians. Barnabas Fund is meeting the costs of medical treatment for some of the Christians injured in army attacks. The boy (pictured) was wounded by shrapnel.