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Matthew 25:35-40 – Where was the Church?


Matthew 25:35-40 – Where was the Church?

Many Churches and Christians are facing great challenges of evangelising and being witnesses for Jesus Christ in many communities today because the Church seems to have stopped caring for its people and is instead caring for itself. A look at the priorities in the budgets of many churches will attest to where they focus is.

Jesus was known as the King of the prostitutes, blind, lepers and the poor simply because he cared for them. Jesus did not judge them and did not shy away from associating with the most vulnerable in the community. He certainly will not keep them out of Church or put them somewhere inconspicuously in the back corner. It was His joy and duty to bring healing; both physically and spiritually. It was His joy to see each person, rich or poor, high and low, see God for who He is, a loving caring father and a God who was and still is doing everything to bring us all to an awesome loving relationship with Him.

The Church has left caregiving to humanitarian organisations and by so doing, removed the critical care aspect of its responsibility. People then have to go elsewhere for the care they need yet are expected to know that God cares.

People are expected to experience God’s love yet the church is not willing to take the responsibility of giving this necessary care. This leaves the people confused about the Christ they are told about and the Christ-like life we claim we live.

We must always remember that Jesus will ask the question ‘where were you when I needed help?’

(Matthew 25:37) Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink?”