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Martyred for refusing to marry: Susanna 295


Martyred for refusing to marry: Susanna 295

Susanna was the daughter of a priest in Rome. A relative of Emperor Diocletian, she refused his request to marry his son-in-law, Maximian, a persecutor of Christians. Her rebuttal angered the emperor, and his ire was further fuelled when she converted two of her uncles whom he had sent to persuade her to marry Maximian.

Diocletian then sent one of his court favourites, Julian, to resolve the issue. On Julian’s orders the newly converted officials and their families were burnt to death at Cumae; Susanna was beaten, and she and her father were beheaded.

Lord Jesus,

You are my light

In the darkness

You are my warmth

In the cold

You are my happiness

In sorrow.

Originally published in Heroes of Our Faith (Isaac Publishing) by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo