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Luke 21:5-19   Beauty and Cleanliness


Luke 21:5-19   Beauty and Cleanliness

Jesus had come to the Temple to cleanse it, but the Jewish leaders were not prepared to let it be cleansed.  Jesus, however, never made even the smallest compromise with evil: His one and only focus was to do the will of God.  The final conflict between Jesus and the official Jewish religious leaders was inevitable (19:47). This is not different with the challenges many of us face today when we want to get the right thing done or to change a system that has a history, even if distorted with time, many who oppose us do not like the change either because it is uncomfortable for them or it is beneficial to them. We cannot afford to be politically correct. We must not compromise with anything that is wrong.

At some point others just see the beauty and glory of the Temple building, and indeed it was a magnificent structure, but Jesus’ reply referred both to the building and to the Jewish religious system (21:6). The things that look beautiful may not necessarily be clean. Beauty and cleanliness are not always the same. Our lives may look beautiful to many but are they clean? Are we at peace? But there is one who gives beauty and cleanliness at the same time, Jesus is He.