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Kenya’s first all-female terror attack

East Africa

Kenya’s first all-female terror attack

Three women died in an attack on a police station in Mombassa, Kenya. The women entered a police station claiming to report the theft of a cell phone. One of the women then attacked a police officer with a knife while the other threw a petrol bomb at another police officer setting the station on fire, according to police chief, Peterson Maelo.

The women, who came into the police station wearing traditional Buibui robes, a long black gown like a hijab that covers the women’Mombassa police station
s entire body except the face. Their weapons were hidden in their robes. The three women were shot and killed by the police. Reports state that a suicide vest was found on one of the women.
The police in Mombassa have reported arresting four people in relation to the attacks. The suspects are refugees from Somalia believed to have been living with the women killed.

The Mombassa police say the mastermind of the attack, Tasmin Yakub Abdullahi Farah, is now in custody. A report says two of the female terrorists killed on Sunday studied at one of the coastal city’s Islamic Schools.

This is the first time female terrorists have been used in a terror attack in Kenya, a development which is causing great concern to Kenyan police.

A member of the Senate, Hassan Omar requested the Police to take this development seriously because of this new dimension in terrorism in Kenya. “I have always known that whenever women go as jihad brides, they give moral support but it is the first time I have seen in our country women being treated as first-line combatants in executing terror,” the Senator said.

Kadhi Sharif Muhdar, a prominent Muslim leader, expressed horror at the attack and denied that the women were muslims. He said, “Women have been used in the past to support terror activities and have now decided to join these groups. They should face the full force of the law regardless.”


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