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Kachin Christians face death from above and below

South East Asia

Kachin Christians face death from above and below

A child, scarred and nearly blinded by shrapnel. Photo credit: Barnabas Fund

Kachin Christians continue to flee  attacks by the Myanmar (Burmese) Army and face the dual deadly threats of landmines and shelling, according to aid agency Barnabas Fund.

Barnabas Fund sources said they had learned in recent days of a number of Kachin Christians who have been wounded by shrapnel from munitions fired by the Myanmar Army. Project partners have confirmed reports that antipersonnel landmines are being sown indiscriminately in civilian areas in northern Myanmar.

Barnabas Fund is covering the cost of treatment for wounded Kachin Christians.

Tens of thousands of Kachin have been displaced since the start of 2018, when the military stepped up its campaign in northern Myanmar against what it claims are Kachin separatist groups.

In June, a Sky News correspondent stated that the Myanmar Army was waging a “genocidal campaign” against the mainly-Christian Kachin, which the UK government admitted in Parliament was “very troubling”, with the Minister stating, “We have certainly seen ethnic cleansing [by the Myanmar Army] taking place.”

Barnabas Fund reported that it is continuing to deliver emergency aid to displaced Christians, including rice, clothes and tarpaulins for shelter.