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John 9:1-4 – God in our suffering 1


John 9:1-4 – God in our suffering 1

“Did this man sin or his parents?” Was the key question the disciples were asking Jesus.

Quite often when we are faced with challenges and some tragedy befalls us, our initial instinct is to find who is at fault and who is to blame. We see this trait right from the Garden of Eden when God confronted Adam and Eve about their disobedience in doing what they were asked not to in Genesis 3.

This thought is further strengthen by Christians, especially in communities facing persecution, who ask people to “pray for forgiveness so that God will heal our land” and ‘men of God’ say, “pray for forgives so that God will stop the persecution.” Jesus is saying not every adversity is as a result of sin.

Yes holiness and being without blame is critical, however, these persecutions and trials open yet other dimensions to God’s purposes in our lives. These may as well be opportunities for many of us who claim to be followers of Christ to demonstrate this love for Christ and for our neighbour to show this love in providing help. To give a helping hand, to provide a meal or some clothing. To be there to offer comfort and to pray for many needing the intercession prayers. It is a call that calls us to be Christlike. This is what Jesus showed us in the example of the Samaritan in Luke 10:25