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John 5:19-29    The Father and the Son


John 5:19-29    The Father and the Son

The Son was sent by the Father and can do nothing by himself, but on the other hand, everything the Father does, the Son does.  It follows that failure to honour the Son is failure to honour the Father.

Verse 24: If when we hear the Son, we believe what the Father declares through him, then we find entry into fellowship with God.  This IS (not “this will earn”) the entry to eternal life.  The evidence of this fellowship with God is that we “love the brethren”.  It has been said that, “Love of God is the root; love of our neighbour is the fruit of the Tree of Life.  Neither can exist without the other, but the one is the cause and the other the effect, and the order of the two Great Commandments [love God; love your neighbour] must not be turned upside down.”  (Archbishop W.Temple.)