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John 5:1-21             Being fit and well


John 5:1-21             Being fit and well

Many cases of physical ill-health are products of spiritual ill-health.  In this story Jesus first told the man to take up his bed and walk; but later when the man sought him out, Jesus warned him not to sin any more (verses 8, 14).  Jesus never asked people to come for healing.  He first taught them and showed them how to live, because if you were to heal the body without such teaching, the healing would only be temporary.  When he sent the disciples out, he told them first to preach the gospel, and then secondly to heal the sick.  If you are not in a right relationship with someone, or if you are (as we say) “eaten up” with jealousy, pride, anger or an unforgiving spirit, then you open the door for the devil to attack you or someone close to you.  If you are jealous of someone, own up to it before God and ask for God’s help, otherwise every time you see that person you will feel ill, and you will also begin to slander him.

If spiritually we are marking time and not moving forwards, that too can lead to ill-health.  If you are moving forward with the Lord, you will not even have time for malice, anger and the like!  Resolve things with God; settle you relationships with your neighbour and family, and then concentrate on moving forwards.