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John 3:22-36          Not me – but Jesus!


John 3:22-36          Not me – but Jesus!

Unlike the other gospels, the fourth gospel here records a time when both John and Jesus were teaching.  A Jew came to discuss the situation with John’s disciples, and thereby stirred up questions and perhaps bad feelings too.  John’s disciples came to complain to their master.  Previously many people had listened to John and followed him, but now even bigger crowds were going after Jesus.  Many people (including perhaps these disciples) would have been jealous at this situation.  John, however, again bears witness to Jesus in sincerity and with humility.  John is, as it were, the best-man, the one who prepares the way; the bridegroom is Jesus.  So John himself says, “He must increase and I must decrease” – and this is said not with regret, but with great joy (v.29).

Do we really want people to follow us or stay with us; or do we want them to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, no matter what that may involve?