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Jihadis single out Christians for execution on Kenya bus

East Africa

Jihadis single out Christians for execution on Kenya bus

Photo credit: You Tube screengrab

Al-Shabaab terrorists murdered two Kenyan Christians travelling on a bus on 14 September after they refused to recite the shahada Islamic creed.

The terrorists flagged down a bus travelling to the north-eastern city of Garissa and ordered the passengers to produce their identity cards. They separated three “non-local” (assumed to be non-Muslim) passengers and asked them to recite verses from the Quran and say the shahada Islamic creed. Recitation of the shahada is considered conversion to Islam.

Two passengers who refused, a boy called Joshua who assisted the bus driver and a labourer from the town of Masalani, 100 miles south of Garissa, were tied up and then murdered.

In 2014, 28 Christians travelling on a bus in Mandera country, north-east Kenya, were singled out and killed by Al Shabaab jihadists. As in this recent attack, passengers were separated and those thought to be non-Muslim were ordered to recite the shahada.

Kenya is around 80 per cent Christian and 10 per cent Muslim. Most of the country’s Muslim population, many of whom are ethnic Somalis, live in the north-east of the country. The Somali-based terror group Al Shabaab has repeatedly targeted Kenyan Christians.