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Indian government writing Christians out of country’s history

South Asia

Indian government writing Christians out of country’s history

A cadre of government-appointed scholars is working to “revise” India’s history, erasing the legacy and contributions of Christians and other non-Hindu minorities.

The committee has already been working for six months to attempt to use archaeological finds and DNA research to prove that Hindus are direct descendants of India’s first inhabitants. The research aligns with the Hindu nationalist “Hindutva” narrative, which asserts that all true Indians are Hindu and attempts to make the country religiously “pure”.

One Catholic lay leader, A.C Michael described the efforts to “revise” history as part of an agenda to bury Christian contributions to the country’s development: “They have already issued an education policy which is silent on Christian contributions to education. Although Christian missionaries brought modern education to India.”

The chairman of the 14-person committee of scholars openly told journalists: “I have been asked to present a report that will help the government rewrite certain aspects of ancient history.”

The persecution of Christians in India – frequently perpetrated by Hindu nationalists – is increasing.

In 2017, Christians across India experienced at least 350 incidents of hate or targeted violence, including 110 physical attacks.

The Evangelical Fellowship of India described the year as “one of the most traumatic” of the last decade.