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‘I forgive my attackers’ says Delhi slum pastor

South Asia

‘I forgive my attackers’ says Delhi slum pastor

Suraj Pal Singh

Suraj Pal Singh in his house

Three masked men attacked a pastor in Delhi, the capital of India leaving him seriously injured.

Pastor Suraj Pal Singh forty-one-years-old was on his motorbike when suddenly three masked men appeared from the roadside slums and each one threw a brick at Singh.

“Two bricks hit me one after the other on the same spot on my right leg, breaking the bone between the knee and the foot,” said Suraj Pal Singh in an exclusive interview to Global Christian News. “My bike fell on the road with the force with which I was hit.”

The third brick which was aimed at Singh’s face, missed its target and flew past his ear. Singh told Global Christian News that he had received a warning prior to the attack from ‘politically powerful Hindu’ leaders in the locality who had warned him of an imminent attack if Singh does not stop ministering in “their area.”

Singh who was attacked on 14 July 2016, is still confined to bed almost two months after the attack on him. He underwent surgery on his leg on 15 July. Singh is a single parent and struggles to provide with daily basic necessities for himself and his three children since the attack.

Suraj Pal Singh in his cubicle

Suraj Pal Singh in his cubicle

He lives in a small unhygienic cubicle after having to vacate his home when he was unable to pay the rent. He and his family are totally dependent on church families for daily meals.

“My ministry is in the slum areas and the congregation members of my church are very poor themselves,” said Singh.

After the attacks, Mr Singh is depressed and traumatized. “This morning I was completely broke and prayed with tears, that as I am not able to sustain my family and I can no longer see my children in utter poverty, may the Lord call me and my children to be with Him,” sobbed Singh.

Suraj Pal Singh with his son Amos

Suraj Pal Singh with his son Amos

“I have no complaints against the three men who attacked me, for they did not know the Lord. What hurt me most is that, not a single brother/sister from the Christian family, apart from those in my congregation, came to visit me since the day of the attack,” added Singh.

He has chosen not to file a report to police saying that he has forgiven his attackers.  Singh has two daughters aged seventeen and fifteen and a son thirteen-years-old.




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