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Hundreds of missionaries expelled from China

East Asia

Hundreds of missionaries expelled from China

Xi Jinping. Premier of China who has brought in tighter rules to control religions.

Hundreds of South Korean believers have reportedly been sent home by local governments in north-eastern China.

Authorities have closed down all South Korean churches in Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province. Hundreds of South Korean pastors and missionaries have been forced to leave the country, leading to Christian communities being disbanded.

New restrictions coming in to force from February 2018, ostensibly to “eradicate extremism”, will allow local Chinese authorities to fine organisers of unapproved religious activities up to 300,000 yuan ($46,000) and will apply to all religions.

The new rules, which apply to all religions ranging from Christianity to Buddhism, also allow lower-level authorities to take care of affairs relating to unsanctioned religious activities, which will bring religious groups in China under tighter scrutiny.