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“Have pity on me“ Leah Sharibu pleads to Buhari for her release

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“Have pity on me“ Leah Sharibu pleads to Buhari for her release

Leah Sharibu, the only Christian among the 110 school girls kidnapped by the Al Barnawa faction of the radical Islamic Boko haram terrorist group in Government Girls Secondary Technical College (GGSTC), Dapchi, northeastern Nigeria on 19 February has pleaded to President Muhammadu Buhari for her release in a 32 seconds audio recording released by the jihadi terrorist group on Monday 27 August.

Speaking in Hausa language, commonly spoken in northern Nigeria, The voice, sounding a little hasty and rehearsed, said, “I am Leah Sharibu who was taken from GGSTC  Dapchi. I am appealing to the government and people. Help me, remove me from the situation I am in. Help my mother and my father and my brother and my siblings. Help me and get me out of this situation. I am begging you. Have pity on me. I am begging the government and the president to have pity on me and get me out of this situation. Thank you.”

Dapchi schoolgirls after their release

The Boko Harm Islamic terrorist sect did not release Leah Sharibu when the Nigerian government negotiated and paid the terrorist group to release the kidnapped schoolgirls because Leah refused to convert to Islam.

The Nigerian government has continuously denied that any money was paid to the Islamic jihadi terrorist group for the release of 105 of the 110 schoolgirls kidnapped. Boko Haram claimed that five of the girls had died during the captivity. A United Nations report however said the nigerian government had paid a ransom. Money which is said to be sustaining the terrorist in the region.

The Nigerian government has not made any comments regarding the recent audio and there is no official confirmation if the voice is Leah Sharibu’s.


hassan John is West Africa editor, GCN and Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Jos.

Image credits/Dapchi schoolgirls/leah from her parents.


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