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Fulani herdsmen give warning: “Your land or your blood” 

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Fulani herdsmen give warning: “Your land or your blood” 


There is a strategic plan to kill Christians and grab their land according to farmers who have been targeted by the Islamist Fulani herdsmen.

The government is ignoring these attempts, said Mr Eli Gajere, a Christian farmer who told Global Christians News how the Islamist herdsmen had deliberately destroyed his rice farm in Wase about 70 miles east of Jos town.

burnt-churchOn Friday morning, in a frantic phone call to Global Christian News, Rev. Baba Kwasu, in Gidan Ways, Southern Kaduna State said, “Fulani cattle herdsmen stormed four villages, some were dressed in military uniforms while others wore black T-shirts with military uniforms. They started attacking the villages at about 4pm and the attacks lasted way into the night.”

There were soldiers at military check points but after minutes of exchange of gunfire with the Fulani herdsmen the soldiers abandoned their posts. The Fulanis then went from village to village, killing people on the streets and setting homes on fire.

“They were shouting ‘Allahu Akbar! Chase out the infidels!’ as they shot at people,” Kantyok, an eye witness said. Collaborating the news of the attack the Rev Emmanuel Ubandoma said, “Many people ran when they heard the gunshots. Two people were killed in the village but seven were killed on the street as they came into the village unaware of what was happening.”

The Rev Kwasu added: “A few days before the attack, there was a piece of paper circulating the villages and on it they wrote, ‘your land or your blood’. It looks like since the Fulani are not getting the Grazing Reserve bill proposed by their leaders in government passed as they hoped, they want to take the land by force. What we are asking is, why the Christian dominated communities? Is it because we have not taken arms to retaliate or also attack them?

The Fulani Islamic herdsmen have migrated from the far northern parts of Nigeria and over the years leased lands while some settled within Christian communities in the agriculturally viable Middle regions of Nigeria.

cattle-herders-in-nigeria“The Fulani cattle herders have combined the radicalisation of Boko Haram and other Islamic fundermentlists, backed by the Miyetti Allah, a cattle herders association with influence in government, to perpetrate acts of terror
and yet go scot free,” an anonymous senior government official said.

“Now the Muslim Fulani herders want to both take over our lands and at the same time establish their Islamic Caliphate,” Kwasu said.

Baroness Caroiline Cox, on her visit to a similar community near Jos, Plateau State in Central Nigeria, escaped an ambush by Fulani Herdsmen earlier this month.