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Eye witness account: Fulani killings in Plateau State

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Eye witness account: Fulani killings in Plateau State

Islamist Fulani herdsmen have killed three people and injured at least 21 in attacks on three villages in Miango, Plateau state.

When Global Christian News arrived at Huke village where some of the houses are still smouldering from an overnight attack, the village was in mourning. Pastors were attempted to calm down angry youths who wanted to make reprisals against the herdsmen.

The Rev Ejike Nathaniel confirmed that “the Fulanis have killed 4 people and have kidnapped two.”

“A report came that people in Kwall another village nearby are relocating to Miango a larger village which is more secure. I knew that it was getting really serious. I was called and informed that the Fulanis had blocked the road (at the golf club near Rafiki, an orphanage) and were attacking people coming back from Jos town.  Four bodies were later brought from there.”

Chinge Dodo, President of Irigwe Youth Movement, said, “The attack was a continuation of the series of attacks on our people. This time around, they blocked the road linking Miango to Vom, all these is the road linking the military barracks, Third Armoured Division, after Optomus Golf Club. The driver and conductor were killed, some of the passengers who were mostly women escaped.” He said.

The Rev Bagudu Nisa, a Pastor with Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) in Huke village, whose house was attacked with a fire bomb, said, “We got call from the people of Guni villge, informing us that strangers are coming into their land and that they suspect them targeting Huke.”

He joined people on the lookout. “At about 5pm one of our men brought information that he sighted some strange figure but the person made a dash back into the bush. The men went over to the area to find out. All of a sudden, from another angle the Fulanis came out in a large number with fire bombs and guns.”

“We all took off, none of us was armed. Unfortunately, they shot two of our men. They were gunned down and were later machetted. Then the Fulani divided themselves into three groups, advanced into the village and started burning houses. 21houses in total were burnt. Properties like motor bikes were also burnt. Barns and grains  storages were deliberately destroyed and burnt. An old blind man who is above 80yrs was running when he fell and died,” said Nisa.

Ejike said, “At about 5pm this evening, (Friday 20 January), I saw the youths of Jebu Miango, responding to a call of an on-going attack in the next village, and marching into the bush. As I passed, I observed that all the soldiers at Jebu Miango town has been withdrawn.”

He said. “I was afraid the outcome was going to be tragic. God helped us by using those men who came out boldly against the Fulanis. The were not armed but the sound of their approaching made the Fulani to flee.”

The Plateau State Police State said that on the evening of 26 Januauary, the police “received information that at about 18.15hrs, a gang of armed men suspected to be Fulani herdsmen were seen killing people and burning down houses at Huke Village in Miango Chiefdom, Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State.”

The police statement continued: “Getting close to the village, the suspected herdsmen, on sighting our patrol vehicles, took to their heels. As a result of the attack, some people were shot and killed on the spot.”

Victims of the of Fulani attacks included, Ahmadu Hwie (male) 100 years old; Hwie Odoh (male) 90 years old; and Gado Kondo (male) 70 years old,

The Police said, “The suspected herdsmen have adopted guerrilla tactics of hit and run.”


Hassan John is West Africa Editor, GCN and priest of the Anglican Diocese of Jos

Image Credits: Author


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