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Evangelical Christians arrested in Iran for “promoting” Christianity

Middle East and North Africa

Evangelical Christians arrested in Iran for “promoting” Christianity

Iran believer. Photo credit: BBC

A group of Iranian Christians were arrested this week for “promoting Christianity”, according to a report by an Iranian news agency.

The group, described in the report as a “gang of Zionist evangelicals”, allegedly had documents in their possession which proved that their “plan was to conquer Iran and insult Islam”. Purportedly, members included some foreign nationals.

The report describes their “direct guidance” from the “Zionist regime” and accused them of “promoting and evangelizing Christianity in different parts of the country,” adding, ”People were also attracted to the Christian evangelical order.”

Iran has a history of detaining and charging Christian converts on spurious or trumped up charges. In August of 2018 twelve Iranian Christians were sentenced to one year in prison, charge of “inclination to the land of Christianity” and being “in favour of ‘Zionist’ Christianity”.

Iran’s historic Assyrian and Armenian Churches are permitted to meet and worship (in their own languages) and have limited political representation but Farsi-speaking Christians (converts from Islam) are routinely targeted by security forces.