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EU plans to send vulnerable Iraqi asylum seekers back

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EU plans to send vulnerable Iraqi asylum seekers back

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The European Union is understood to be potentially planning to force Iraqi asylum seekers, among them Christians, to return, despite potential threats and calls for leniency from the Iraqi government.

Among those facing deportation is Iraqi Christian Ivan Sahda Moshi. He fled in Iraq in 2007 and is now in Sweden. He fears returning to Iraq, as Muslim militia have previously threatened to kill him. Even Christians who have voluntarily returned to northern Iraq to rebuild their towns have warned that the future security of the Christian community is uncertain.

Iraqi government ministers have stated they are not in a position to accept any Iraqi asylum seekers who are deported, as they no longer have homes or jobs to return to; Iraq’s Deputy Minister of Migration and Displaced said that Iraq “had understandings with some European countries concerning how necessary it is not to take any measures concerning forced returns.”