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Ethiopian Church asks for justice and rule of law

East Africa

Ethiopian Church asks for justice and rule of law

Christians are coming under siege in Muslim-dominated parts of Ethiopia with rising numbers of attacks and killings.

Reports coming out of the rural towns and villages in many eastern regions of Ethiopia are showing the persecution many Christian communities are going through all the time.

The predominant crises in East Africa including the militant Jihadist activities of Al Shabaab in Kenya and the terrorist insurgencies in DR Congo and the invasion of Christian communities in Uganda and South Sudan have taken all the attention.

Ethiopian Christians executed by ISIS

ISIS video beheading 16 Ethiopian Christians

But the challenges facing Christians in Ethiopia are just as severe.  In many rural communities in Ethiopia, notices are posted on homes of Christians. They are asked to convert to Islam or face death. The attacks are getting more brazen. In June a Muslim group attacked Orthodox Christians attending morning prayers at St Michaels Church in Oromia Jimma Zone, in Ethiopia.

A Muslim mob attacked christians and torched over 80 Christian homes, after a Friday Jummat prayer following a rumour that the house of the Christian was going to be turned into a Church.

‘By no means shall there be a church here.’” The mob is reported to have chanted.

Christians in the village of Al-Beida are currently forced to travel four miles to pray at the Holy Virgin and the Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church.

So-called Islamic State have executed Ethiopian Christians, who “travelled to Libya in the hope of getting a boat to Europe to start a new life.”  and posted the videos of the execution online.

An Open Doors report says a political protest in Oromo State, was used as an excuse to attack Christians of the Full Gospel Church in Koladiba, near Gonder on August 6. Also in Hirna in Oromia, Eastern Ethiopia, Islamists are reported to have attacked eight houses belonging to Christians, declaring they “will eradicate the Christian faith from the fully Islamic village.”

Reports from Ethiopia are slow in coming due to restrictions and many other challenges the local churches face. The rising tide of Islamic Jihadists and the bias from local law enforcement authorities in many predominantly Islamic towns and communities are drowning out the voices of the persecuted Christians in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Christians are asking their government for “political reform, justice, and the rule of law.”



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