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Eight people killed in ‘drive-by’ Church attack

West & Central Africa

Eight people killed in ‘drive-by’ Church attack

Reports coming out of Kwamjilari, a village about 20 miles from Chibok, where over 250 school girls were abducted over two years ago, in Borno, claim over eight people were killed in a drive by shooting as worshippers came out of a Church.

boko haramThe attackers, suspected to be Boko Haram Islamic Jihadists, came on bicycles and waited just as people were coming out of the Church, they opened fire killing about eight people and wounding many more.

An account says many more of the insurgents laid an ambush outside Kwamjilari village and as the villages were fleeing the attacks, they were shot at. The village was then set ablaze as many ran into the bushes.

This latest attack exposes the vulnerability of remote communities and villages in the north-east and of the mainly Christian population to ruthless Boko Haram attacks.

Scores of people seeking refuge from the insurgents are dying in camps from severe malnutrition, as reported by the International Rescue Committee this week.


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