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Deadly terror attack on Christmas market in Strasbourg

West Europe

Deadly terror attack on Christmas market in Strasbourg

Wanted man: Chérif Chekatt

A terrorist gunman shouting opened fire on shoppers at crowded Christmas market in Strasbourg France killing two, leaving one brain-dead and injuring 12.

The gunment shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he carried out his attack. France remains in a state of “absolute emergency” as, at the time of writing, the 29-year-old French-born suspect Chérif Chekatt is still on the run.

Hundreds of police, specialist anti-terror units and military personal have been deployed for the manhunt.

“Terrorism has once again struck our territory in Strasbourg,” said the Paris Prosecutor in his remarks to the press following the attack. France remains on the highest level of alert as security at Christmas markets across the nation is dramatically increased.

Chekatt who has been identified as a serial offender with “27 convictions for common law offenses in France but also in Germany and Switzerland” was only recently released from jail. He was also investigated and under surveillance  over the course of several years for “religious radicalisation”.

Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas have become frequent targets of Islamist terrorists; 2016 saw a particularly horrific spate of attacks on churches and Christmas markets.

In December 2016, an Islamic State affiliated terrorist drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 49. Four days later, a terrorist plot to attack a Cathedral in Melbourne, Australia, was foiled – 1,500 people attended the Christmas service several days later.