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Cuba rejects NIV Bibles

Latin and Central America

Cuba rejects NIV Bibles

New International Version (NIV) Bibles have been returned to the USA by the Cuban Government according to a publishing house. A shipment of nearly 20,000 NIV Bibles were returned on the orders of the Communist Party, according to a local news source. However, the King James Version (KJV) Bibles were not sent back.

Missionaries in the region often use the NIV as tool for outreach and have reported that Cubans find the language easier to understand. The NIV is favoured for its accessible language. However, the KJV remains well-used internationally according to the Trinitarian Bible Society, who distribute translations worldwide.

A general ban on Bibles was lifted in Cuba in 2015, but only KJV Bibles have been allowed to enter the country since that time. Cubans are being denied the free choice of Bible translations enjoyed in other countries.

The Cuban Office for Religious Affairs continues to closely monitor public and private faith related activities. Religious freedoms violations including church demolitions, harassment of Christians and arrests for Christian home schooling have been reported by Barnabas Fund in recent years.