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Copts still under threat as Egypt extends state of emergency

Middle East and North Africa

Copts still under threat as Egypt extends state of emergency

Egypt’s parliament has extended the state of emergency declared by President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi’s in April, after the twin bomb attack at Coptic churches in Egypt’s northern provinces of Gharbiya and Alexandria in which 47 were killed and over 120 wounded.

Ali Abdelaal, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said, “The reasons for which the state of emergency was declared are still in place and therefore it must be extended.”

Coptic Christians have been specifically targeted for elimination by the Islamic State in the Peninsular since December 2016, when the persecution against Christians escalated and hundreds of the Christian were forced to flee the Arish region.

The Egyptian Parliament unanimously endorsed President Asisi’s three-month state of emergency in April, which gave security agencies extended power to crack down on terror groups in the country and beyond. Egypt carried out an airstrike in Libya shortly after the attack on the two church bombings killed about 45 Christians.

Egyptian security forces have continuously come under attack by the Islamic State terror group with a recent road side bomb that killed an Egyptian police officer and two conscripts on Tuesday were killed and 10 wounded.


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