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Church leaders convicted of “trespassing” on church property

Middle East and North Africa

Church leaders convicted of “trespassing” on church property

Sudan’s leader, Omar Bashir

Sudanese authorities continue to crack down on the church in Sudan as a report revealed that two church leaders have been unjustly convicted of criminal appropriation and criminal trespass on 30 October.

The leaders have been ordered to pay 5000 Sudanese pounds ($750) in fines. The churches maintain that they legitimately chose their own leaders and are resisting government attempts to

impose its own handpicked administration for their church. This unlawful administration, despite a 2015 court ruling confirming their illegitimacy, continues to try to seize control of the church machinery and sell church property to private investors.

This follows the government arresting charging church leaders with “noise pollution” on 26 October for resisting their efforts to interfere in their church administration.