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Christianity is ‘Europe’s last hope’ says Hungarian PM

East Europe

Christianity is ‘Europe’s last hope’ says Hungarian PM

Hungarian’s PM, Viktor Orban. Photo Credit: Twitter

Christianity is Europe’s “last hope”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a speech on Sunday (18 February), claiming European politicians have “opened the way to the decline of Christian culture and the advance of Islam.”

In his annual state of the nation speech, Hungary controversial PM continued his criticism of migration policy in Germany and France, stating that Western Europe was heading “in a different direction” and warning that if is left unchecked “in the big cities of Europe there will be a Muslim majority.”

In an interview with German newspaper Bild in January 2018, the Hungarian premier asserted that “a large number of Muslims inevitably leads to parallel societies, because Christian and Muslim society will never unite … Multiculturalism is only an illusion.”

Orban, who is seeking a third term in elections in April, has styled himself as the defender of Europe’s historic Christian heritage and of persecuted Christians internationally; in 2016, his government created a new department to provide aid to persecuted Christians in the Middle East.