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Christian teenager jailed after alleged ‘anti-Hindu’ Facebook comments

South Asia

Christian teenager jailed after alleged ‘anti-Hindu’ Facebook comments

A Christian teenager has been imprisoned for ‘promoting emnity between classes’ over ‘anti-Hindu’ comments that appeared on a face Facebook account.

The teenager Sandeep Kumar, who was christened Karan Anthony) was detained on 23 August but released on bail 12 days later.

Police charged Anthony with “promoting enmity between classes” (section 153A of the Indian Penal Code), punishable by three years of prison and/or a fine, and “publishing or transmitting obscene material” (Section 67 of the Information Technology Act), punishable by imprisonment of up to three years and/or a fine of 500,000 rupees. He was also charged under (Section 66 of the Information Technology Act) relating to accessing a computer without permission.

According to media reports Anthony said: “It was my good friend who falsely framed me by joining hands with Rudra Sena activists.” Anthony said that he had not used Facebook in months.

Anthony’s father added, “Karan Anthony for them is a Christian boy from lower castes, and now that he secured admission in an esteemed university, they are not happy with it.”