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Christian prisoner denied legal advice in Iran

Middle East and North Africa

Christian prisoner denied legal advice in Iran

Abdol-Ali Pourmand (Mohabat News)

The Iranian Judiciary has prohibited the family of a Christian convert, who has been in prison for two weeks, from hiring a lawyer to represent him.

According to Mohabat News the family of convert Abdol-Ali Pourmand have yet to be officially informed of his charges. Article 35 of the Iranian constitution recognises the right for all prisoners to have proper legal representation.

In a recent report by Asma Jahangir, United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, Asma emphasized the increase of religious minority persecution in Iran and called on the Iranian government to put an end to its oppression of religious minorities in the country.

Mr Pourmand, 38, is a minister at the Payam-e Aramesh house church in Defzul. he was arrested on 19 October 2017. His family told Mohabat News that the judge handling Mr. Pourmand’s case told them they do not have the right to hire a lawyer to represent him in court.